Can I have no need to wash sexy underwear?

Do I need to wash sexy underwear?

Have you ever heard some rumors, saying that you can not wash your sex underwear, or you can wash it without washing once?These rumors are actually very unscientific.Like ordinary underwear, sexy lingerie needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to maintain hygiene.

What are the harms of long -term not washing of sexy underwear?

If you do not wash your sexy underwear for a long time, it will breed a large amount of bacteria and viruses, and may even cause a variety of gynecological diseases.In the process of sexual life, sexy underwear will be exposed to genital secretions, saliva, body sweat, etc. These secretions will be contaminated by bacteria and viruses. If they are not cleaned in time, these germs will breed and reproduce and become hidden dangers of the disease.

Do you need to clean your sex underwear after each use?

Fun underwear is different from ordinary underwear. They often need special cleaning and disinfection after use.It is recommended to clean it immediately after each use to avoid bacterial growth.Do not use powerful cleaning agents during washing, but should choose a mild detergent, wash hand, and turn the underwear back.

When should I wash sexy underwear?

The cleaning time of sexy underwear should be carried out regularly according to the frequency of use.If it is used frequently, it is best to wash it immediately after each use.If you do not use it frequently, it is recommended to wash it every 3-6 months.Of course, if you feel odor, discoloration, or local wear in underwear, you need to clean and replace it in time.

How to correctly wash the sexy underwear?

Before cleaning sex underwear, you should first check the washing instructions on the label.If there is no label, generally use a mild detergent, wash and clean it with hand, and wash the back of the underwear.Be careful not to rub or scrub during cleaning, let alone twist with force.After cleaning, it should be air -dried to avoid sunlight.

How to disinfect sex underwear?

The cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear are also very important.Disinfection of disinfection water or special underwear disinfection.Underwear disinfectant can completely disinfect underwear and kill various germs and bacteria, which is very suitable for sexy underwear disinfection.Usually you only need to soak the underwear in the disinfection solution, and you do not need to twist it with force.

Falling underwear maintenance measures

Sex underwear is a special form of underwear, and the service life is also different.In the process of normal use, we should try to avoid wear and obvious friction.When storing, the underwear should be placed in a dry and ventilated position to avoid direct sunlight.

Suggestions for the purchase of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay attention to quality and choose comfortable and breathable materials to avoid too tight and impermeable styles.At the same time, you should also avoid blindly follow the trend, buy low -quality, inappropriate your own underwear, and destroy your health.


All in all, sexy underwear needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to maintain hygiene and avoid breeding junk bacteria and diseases.When buying, you should also pay attention to quality, choose the style and size that suits you to protect your health.

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